Wealth Management, done right.

We’re in the business of being nonprofessional, but don’t mistake that with being unprofessional. All wealth management firms say they're different, but have you ever considered whether they actually are? Every firm will tell you how they provide exceptional service, how they deliver a comprehensive goals-based approach that aligns your risk tolerance to your long-term objectives, and how their holistic financial plan will position you to achieve your hopes and dreams. So why are we different? Because we don’t do any of the things that professional salesmen do, which most wealth managers are—we don't use an artificial "holistic" approach, we don’t deliver a confusing process in an attempt to create "expert reliance", and we don't focus on goals that are so far in the future, the realities of life will cause them to be changed a dozen times before you retire. It's not that we don't care, quite the contrary; we take this approach because wealth management in today’s economic climate requires acceptance of hard market realities: the market doesn't concern itself with your hopes and dreams, the market isn’t worried about your needs, and the market doesn't consider what you want 20 years from now. The investment industry is adverse to change, and we believe many financial professionals use backward looking due diligence and antiquated systems created 50 years ago that argue efficiency over effectiveness, and the traditional approach simply isn't effective in today's market—time horizons are shorter, volatility requires timelier shifts in asset allocations, and traditional investment theory puts the market in control. So when we say we're different, we actually are. In addition to our unique process, our focus rests with you and not on generating large commissions, and our fee-based planning approach helps to remove bias from your planning. We're here to be your safe harbor, and to us that means being nonprofessional and breaking free from the bonds of the traditional wealth management model that was built to benefit the professional salesman, not you. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our firm, our forward-looking due diligence, and our investment philosophy.