Cash Flow Management.

"It’s simple—personal budgets don’t work and they never have. But consider what every successful business has in common—a well drafted and constantly evolving business plan that creates systems to manage cash flow. By utilizing The Living Balance Sheet®, we apply this method to create a system that allows you to run your personal finances just like a business.” 


Your personal financial situation is comparable to that of a small business. Just like a business, you have concerns for profit, income and expenses, and your spending decisions are affected by a variety of circumstances. By following successful business practices, you can help get your financial concerns in order, and one of the key concepts in running a successful business is cash flow management. Just like a successful business that relies on financial systems to control income and expenses, cash flow management addresses these same issues in your personal finances, and we do it through The Living Balance Sheet®. 

It's important to understand The Living Balance Sheet® is a cash flow management system, not a budget. Many people have lost control over cash flow because they have no system to handle known periodic expenses of a substantial nature, and don’t account for this month’s income as related to required disbursements six months down the road. Instead, what many people tend to do is remember the bill a month before it’s due and only then start managing their cash flow, which often leads to reactive decisions and doesn’t put you in control. Your personal Living Balance Sheet® allows you to see your financial situation from a long-term, tactical viewpoint, and you'll see how one move, such as periodic tax payment or purchase of a new vehicle, can affect your disbursements for several months prior to the actual payment, and how future disbursements will need to be adjusted for the new acquisition. 

Why not just create a budget like everyone else? The answer is simple—budgets are too immediate in scope to allow you to relate income received in March to an October expense. The Living Balance Sheet® is a flexible document that evolves and adjusts with the realities of your daily living, and it’s essential for you to begin a systematic cash flow management program to satisfy your financial and retirement needs, as well as to mitigate the stresses of more immediate financial pressures. Every successful business relies upon a system to control income and disbursements, and your personal financial situation is no less important. However, this system is only as good as its implementation, and that's where our effectiveness shines. Once your Living Balance Sheet® is drafted, we stay with you through its implementation and continue to make adjustments as needed.