Safe Harbor.

We're here to be your safe harbor, and we're on a mission to change the way wealth management is done. You see, wealth management has never been about you and it's time that changes. We start by putting transparency on your side by, and we show you how traditional sales methods were built to benefit the industry and the professional salesmen it uses to run it, instead of benefiting you. To us, being your safe harbor means not doing the things these professional salesmen do, and that’s okay because sales is something we’ve never been very good at. What we are good at is providing true wealth management, which we refer to as Integrated Wealth Management™, and it’s the core of our planning process. Where many advisors claim to be wealth managers, they're really just commissioned salesmen who only do one or two things and then send you off to wade through the fog of other advisors to complete your planning. We don't hold ourselves out as something that we're not: when we say we're wealth managers, we actually are. We don't try to hide a lack of technical skill by imposing artificial professional standards by wearing expensive suits and flashy watches to show off our sales success, we don't deliver an intentionally confusing process in an attempt to create “expert reliance” on us, and we don't memorize sales scripts in a desperate attempt to overcome your buying objections. We provide guidance without sales pressure, and our advisory group brings over 100 years of combined experience to manage the accumulation of client wealth, and we oversee the protection of those assets with over $700 million of inforce coverage under our administration.[1] We're highly skilled at what we do, and we do it through transparency of our process so you can understand, perhaps for the first time, how to make your wealth advance your life purpose. 

[1] $735,613,569 of total inforce life insurance death benefit and disability insurance as of 11/2016.