Investment Positioning.

"We don't concern ourselves with the value of your portfolio until we concern ourselves with the values that created it."


A consultative relationship is one that revolves around you. We’re not just a wealth management firm, we’re here to provide safe harbor so you have the freedom to pursue your life goals.  Our approach is built on a philosophy of aligning your wealth in ways that empower your life’s purpose.  Most financial management firms only address half of the issues you face, and they only advise on issues related solely to the assets they manage, forcing those assets into a single portfolio or in ways that serve the firm’s investment philosophy and not yours, and in doing so they lose the context around your priorities and how you need your investments to serve your life purpose.  We could spend a lot of time reviewing sophisticated algorithms and complex projections, but we don’t.  In contrast to most other firms that measure success based simply on the returns they deliver, we measure success based on the impact we have in your life.  We ask the real questions and will sometimes push you, and we take this approach because in order for us to be effective, we need to fully understand how you want to live your life and how your money should support those ambitions.  We help you see beyond your immediate financial concerns and how you can use your wealth to bring more fulfillment and security to the higher calling of your daily living. 

Our Integrated Wealth Management™ process provides more than just traditional asset management, and our goal is to serve as your safe harbor. As such, we are completely committed to your success.  Our process is not a single event, and we remain engaged with you to ensure our planning stays on course, and in exchange for that commitment we ask that you remain serious about our relationship and the progress we make together, otherwise we will not be a good fit for each other. Having a well-executed plan in place is only the beginning, and the way your plan responds and adapts to the ever-changing market and your dynamic needs is where our effectiveness shines. Because your plan is a living document, we actively manage your portfolio, making investment decisions across and within asset classes, re-balancing positions to ensure consistency with your strategy, identifying opportunities to harvest gains and losses to maximize total after-tax performance, and regularly revisiting your objectives, requirements, and personal circumstances. By remaining engaged with you and your other professional service advisors, we proactively address your evolving needs and recommend new ideas to ensure alignment with how you want to live your life.