Our Investment Philosophy.

The argument between active vs. passive investment strategies is hotly debated and will likely never be settled. In contrast to most wealth management firms who try to force their clients into adopting the firm’s investment philosophy, we understand that different investors require different approaches, and we wouldn’t be providing you safe harbor if we pushed you into an investment strategy that was outside of your comfort level. We apply models for both passive and active investors, and instead of wasting energy debating the efficiencies of one strategy over the other, we focus our attention on being effective, and effectiveness is what drives every decision we make. 

Our investment philosophy is solidly built on forward-looking due diligence. Through this approach we position you to overcome the deficiencies that plague wealth management today, and it's these principles that drive our core values:

  • Remove emotion. We apply forward-looking due diligence, not hunches, to our buying and selling decisions, which allows us to remove emotion from the investment decision process by establishing set investment rules to help you avoid the costly mistakes that may come from panic driven decisions during volatile markets.

  • Protection and Growth. Growth is important, but we must protect against major long-term loss. A 50% loss requires a 100% gain just to break even. While some fluctuation in value can never be avoided, guarding against long-term loss is possible.

  • Verified trends. Move assets upon verification, not prediction. Forward-looking due diligence helps you to avoid the typical market timing approaches that plague traditional active investment strategies during volatile markets.

  • Transparency. As a client, you receive complete transparency, honesty, and have direct access to our decision makers. You receive full disclosure of our fees, and we walk you through every buy and sell decision in your accounts.

  • Do unto others. We participate in our investment philosophy by applying the same forward-looking due diligence process and investment standards to our own personal buying and selling decisions. 

Because we're a fee-based firm, we are void of institutional pressure to make irresponsible decisions. We won't recommend unnecessary insurance just to receive a large commission, we don't hug benchmarks, and we're not going to push sub-standard stock just to have exposure to an index (a common practice in the mutual fund world).