Integrated Wealth Management™.

“Wealth management”—two words that are often used, but rarely defined. Have you ever considered what wealth management really means? In today's complex economic environment, you’re offered an overwhelming array of financial products, investment options, insurance coverage, retirement plans, and tax-savings ideas. These financial arrangements, however, are often presented in piecemeal fashion, and the concept of management for most “wealth management” firms simply means money management or selling insurance products—nothing more, nothing less. We believe it’s never in your interest for industry professionals to hold themselves out as wealth managers while only addressing one area of your planning needs, only to then send you on your way to work with other advisors. This approach often leads to inconsistent planning causing unavoidable tax consequences, unintended exposure to creditor claims, and unnecessary additional fees. At Darington LLP®, we don’t hold ourselves out as something that we're not, and we believe true wealth management requires integration of all areas of your financial well-being. Our professionals bring over 100 years of combined experience in asset management, insurance planning, cash flow management, asset protection, estate planning, and special needs planning, uniquely positioning us to oversee the accumulation and protection of your wealth. Our Integrated Wealth Management™ model allows us to provide effective guidance so you can focus on the greater picture—your work, your passions, and the fulfillment of the higher calling of your daily   living.

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